National IT Solutions has been a supporter of World Vision since 2009 and below are the profiles of the three children we currently sponsor.

Sponsor Child 1 - Haminis

  • 9 Years old
  • Country: Uganda
  • Primary school grade 3
This year Haminis and family have participated and benefited from:
  • Reading / writing workshops
  • Childrens club - learned about rights and worked together with friends to make things better in the community
  • Environmental care awareness - learned to care for the environment and making a safer place to live
  • Life education skills - Managing emotions and take part in decision making.


Sponsor Child 2 - Ty

  • 8 years old
  • Country: Cambodia
  • Education: Primary school grade 2

This year Ty and family have participated and benefited from:

  • Hygiene education - how to stay clean and safe from germs and practicing good personal hygeine so they dont get sick
  • Childrens rights education - feels safer because family and community know their rights and how to care for and protect children.




Sponsor Child 3 - Felistus

  • 9 Years old
  • Country: Zambia
  • Education: Primary school Grade 2

This year Felistus and family have participated and benefited from:

  • Early childhood education - learning important life skillsand having fun playing with other children
  • Water source protection awareness - understanding the dangers of unsafe drinking water and how to keep water sources clean
  • Child protection awareness - learning about the rights of childrenand how to promote child child protection in the community
  • Value based education - learning about child friendly communities and working with friends and community to achieve that locally
  • Arts and crafts workshop - learned new skills and had fun playing with friends.