Your company data is protected by National IT Solutions. Guaranteed


Ensure your business data always protected. Our state-of-the-art technology and infrastructure can protect your business from downtime, even if your physical hardware has been destroyed.

If your business relies on data, National IT Solutions can protect your critical information from the most likely form of loss: 

  •     Natural Disasters
  •     Human Error
  •     Cyber Attacks
  •     Hardware Failure


Our backup solution protects and allows you to instantly restore your systems and data so business can return to normal.


Disasters can strike at any time and happen to anyone. A business continuity plan protects you against any disaster, saving your business from downtime and disgruntled clients.

Cyber Attacks

Today cyber attacks are the most common cause of data loss and downtime to a business. In fact, hackers believe if you email enough users someone will click on the link.Our Business continuity plans ensure you have full control of your data and not held to ransom by a hacker.



Human Error

Human mistakes and deliberate actions account for 1/3 of company data loss. Our Business continuity plans will ensure data is always accessible no matter how or when it was deleted.

Hardware Failure

Most causes of company downtime and data loss are caused by hardware failure. Our Business continuity plan is basically an insurance policy that keeps your business running locally or in the cloud no matter what device failed.

We'll keep your business running even during a disaster

Our backup continuity technology virtualizes your system either locally or remotely in our secure cloud environment so your business can operate as usual allowing the time and resources to fix server issues without compromising your data, or incurring any downtime. 

Image Based Backup

The image-based backup method takes a all-inclusive approach to your data protection. Rather than backing up files on an individual basis, it takes a snapshot of the entire contents of your hard drive. That means all your company files, systems settings, and application data is covered in one.

When disaster strikes and takes a system down with it, businesses using file-based software usually have a heck of a time putting the pieces back together. Before even getting to their files, they have to reinstall the operating system, drivers and programs.

When you recover from an image, all company files, settings etc... are restored automatically, allowing you to use your system just as it was before the disaster. As a result, downtime is minimized and more importantly, the business is back up and running faster.

Hybrid Cloud Backup

Our Hybrid cloud backup solution provides a combination of local (onsite) and Cloud (offsite) protection. By utilising a hybrid backup approach, we improve fault tolerance, while reducing the reliance on internet speeds. The local onsite device can be used to restore files or run your company servers virtually.

If your local device was compromised due to a major disaster, the Cloud backup system can act as a replica site for the business with little to no downtime.

It’s imperative businesses today utilise a hybrid cloud solution to minimise downtime and ensure data integrity should a disaster occur.


Guaranteed Backup Verification

Your days of guessing whether a backup was successful is finally over.

Each day we'll take a “screenshot” of your restored server(s) after we've successfully tested the backup integrity.

A screenshot alert is then be sent via email.

100% Guaranteed to ensure your Server is operational when you need it most.


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