Truly comprehensive, truly cost-effective cloud solutions.

If your I.T. systems are set up correctly in the cloud, you’ll inject your business with an immense power to collaborate across networks and significantly increase efficiency. Your staff, your suppliers and your customers can communicate and share information effortlessly, enhancing your marketing capabilities and every day operations.  

Reach new markets, improve processes, or leverage your technology investments… whatever cloud solutions you’re looking for, National IT Solutions can solve it with a quick, easy and economical implementation.


Your applications and capability grow with your business. 


Made to order to meet the unique needs of your business. 


Your applications and capability grow with your business.


Made to order to meet the unique needs of your business. 

Dynamic cloud-based tools to increase collaboration & enhance productivity:

Hosted Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Collaborate in the cloud with Microsoft Outlook and other applications to unleash sales, marketing, and services potential... 

Utillsing salse lead and opportunity management tools, marketing automation, and end-to-end management.  


Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Do better business with e-mail collaboration tools like shared calendars, contacts, tasks and public folders. Add Blackberry, iPhone or Windows mobile devices to your network easily for a flat fee.


Hosted SharePoint

In conjunction with a Hosted Exchange, SharePoint allows real-time collaboration accross your company intranet. Store documents online, review files, publish posts and manage mailboxes with this powerful tool.



Web Hosting

Our Cloud Services includes a full suite of website development and design services to help get your online presence where you want it to be...

From the initial site planning and graphic concepts, right through to hosting and maintenance.




Virtual Desktops

Instant & secure access to your desktop, from anywhere, on any device.

Greater efficiency, increased flexibility, reduced costs, tighter control, safer security, smaller carbon footprint… the list of big business benefits linked to virtual desktops goes on. Through the simple concept of placing your desktops in the cloud comes a new way of doing business, without the traditional expense and limitations of locally based computers. But you’ve got to do it right.

National I.T. Solutions. The home of virtual desktops.

We pride ourselves on being perfectionists in virtual desktops, and we support a full range of options to suit every business model. As long as you have an Internet connection, you and your staff can log in and do business wherever you are, at any time, through any device.

The Virtues of Virtual Desktops

  • Cost effective
  • Energy efficient
  • Safer data
  • Centralised administration
  • Better compatibility

Virtual Servers

Is your business growing? Time for virtual servers?

Servers can cause issues in a number of ways. If your business is growing rapidly, your system performance may decrease. Perhaps it’s an older model and needs updating. Or it might be simply generating too much heat or using too much electricity. In any of those scenarios, moving across to a virtual server can save you stress, time and money.

The expertise you need for a comfortable move to the cloud.

If you choose National I.T. Solutions to move your servers to the cloud, you’ll feel the confidence of knowing your entire system is in safe, secure hands, within a flexible, high customisable hosting environment… delivering enhanced stabilisation, disaster recovery, testing and administration.

Whatever your business needs to run at its very best, our virtual servers have the comprehensive capability to deliver.

The Virtues of Virtual Servers

  • Windows or Linux
  • True Resource Allocation
  • Complete Machine Console Access
  • Multiple Australian Data Centres
  • Co-location & Ethernet Options
  • Install any applications you like!


Backup & Disaster Recovery

Protect your business with the very best in back-up.

There are many challenges outside of your business which can harm your business, badly. Fires, floods, and other natural or man-made disasters can wreak havoc on networks and servers, damaging equipment, losing data and displacing employees from the workplace. Many organisations, especially smaller businesses, do not have a back-up and recovery plan… and therefore never get back on their feet after such events.

Avoid deadly downtime, plan your recovery time.

At National I.T. Solutions, we’re a big believer in doing back-up properly, which means also planning your recovery. As well as ensuring your data is backed up in the best possible way, we’ll also work closely with you on tailored recovery plans (Recovery Time Objectives), to build the right infrastructure framework to get your business back up and running real quick in the face of any such disasters… minimising disruption to productivity, profit, communication and customer satisfaction. 

Make sure your security keeps up with the threats.

With the phenomenal growth of the Internet and huge advances in wireless and mobile technology, network security has become increasingly more challenging. Viruses and other forms of malicious software (malware) are ever more clever, and just because your network is secure today, it does not mean it will be tomorrow. The risks to your business evolve on a daily basis… so National I.T. Solutions specialise in keeping you one step ahead.


Hosted Email

Just like a Microsoft Exchange server, but without the headaches.

As you may know, Microsoft Exchange servers provide your staff with an email platform plus added benefits like shared public folders, shared calendars, shared contacts and distribution lists. However Exchange servers are also associated with high maintenance costs and management headaches, which make them unsuitable for smaller businesses with lower budgets… but our Hosted Exchange in the cloud changes all that.

Finally, full functionality & leading-edge technology for all.

Our cloud-based Hosted Exchange opens doors for smaller businesses to bigger benefits:


Microsoft Exchange, in a fully hosted environment

Outlook & web email

Access multiple email accounts using any Internet-enabled device (including Blackberry handhelds)

Collaborative file sharing 

Contact management & task tracking

Accessible individual & group calendars

Integrated disaster recovery

Automatically updated virus & spam protection


Easy access to the information you need, when you need it

Flexible access to your mailbox content via any web browser

Email safety with junk-mail filters & up-to-date virus protection

Add, find and share your contacts easily

Save time by accessing group calendars & haring meetings online

Free up IT resources & reduce costs

Secure the integrity of business communications

Cost-effective & fully scalable



These days, email archiving is about much more than backing up.

Archiving emails is no longer just for a business’s housekeeping or convenience. For companies of all sizes, especially those dealing in financial and legal services, archiving emails is required by law, legislation and regulatory bodies. And what’s considered compliant archiving today is a lot more involved than simply backing up selected PST files.

Emails are more than just messages, they are your intellectual property.

Given how often the content of emails carries crucial information like contracts and agreements in today’s business world, new State and Federal mandates require that appropriate email archiving practices be introduced, requiring organisations of all sizes to evaluate and implement solutions which back up all data – not simply those PST files selected for manual back-ups. An unwanted email deleted by a staff member to maintain their mailbox size may become incredibly important tomorrow… and your business needs to be protected in such situations.

Cost effective, business-grade email archiving in the cloud.

Thanks to the latest cloud technology and a clever application called 360 Degree Archive, National I.T. Solutions can offer you truly comprehensive email archiving in the cloud for a fraction of the old, server-based costs. There is no need to purchase hardware, install software or manage ongoing maintenance...  and every email that any person in your business sends or receives is securely archived, searchable and accessible forever. Without ever leaving Outlook!


Global administrator: extensive search options of all mail over any period

Individual End User Search

Archives internal & external mail securely - military strength encryption - to data centres in Australia or the USA

Supports all major email environments (including Exchange, Notes, Groupwise, Imail, Scalix & Zimbra)

Emails accessible as online view, PDF, message download, or PST download

Designed for compliance archiving & e-discovery (FCA Practice Note 17, FRCP, SOX, SEC & HIPAA)


Every email can be stored, searchable, accessible & secure - forever

No hardware or software

No maintenance or installation

Unlimited storage of emails

Business-grade compliance solution for email archiving

No infrastructure hassles


SPAM Protection

Email Spam Protection - don’t under-estimate the harm SPAM can cause.

Email is now an essential business communication tool, but unless you’re properly protected it’s also an easy target for SPAM, viruses, phishing and other malware. What’s more you may not know just how much at risk you really are, or what you are legally required to do to safeguard your data. 

Affordable, effective, 360 degree SPAM Protection.

National I.T. Solutions 360 degree SPAM Protection has you covered from every angle and updates daily to keep your business ahead of the game:


Spam Blocking

Fraud Protection

Virus & Worm Scanning

Content & Attachment Filtering

Outbound Message Filtering

Policy-based Management

Secure message delivery via Transport Layer Security

Sophisticated Quarantine Management



Simple, effortless activation

Free up IT resources & reduce costs

Secure the integrity of business communications

Increase employee productivity & control

Effortless email filtering policy-setting, including group policies 

Threat Centre's around-the-clock protection 

Integrated disaster recovery option 

Easy to use!



Web Control

Keep the people in your business focused on the job.

The productivity of your staff and the integrity of your business can suffer badly without effective web control to regulate what can, and what can’t, be accessed online through your I.T. system. National I.T. Solutions provides the ultimate web control software, giving you the power to block things like social networking sites, music, video, private web email and pornography… wherever your staff are based.



Designed for performance with multiple, locally deployed servers in Australia & New Zealand


Stop viruses, spyware & Trojans entering your business through the web using true business-grade threat control


Detailed reporting of web usage by category, user or site


Automated scheduled reported by email delivers a snapshot of using without having to log into a console or call your I.T. people 


Manage access to the Internet by individual, department, group or company wide


Manage policies by category or specifically listed white / black lists



Protect your business from the latest web based threats 


Block access to innapropriate sites (pornography, racism etc)


Manage time wasting sites such as Facebook, eBay, Gmail, online shopping sites etc


Effortless activation requring no hardware or software


Month to month agreement, no locked-in contracts


Automatically adjusts & scales to meet your business needs


Multiple sites are supported without having to deploy & manage multiple point systems


Policies & protection applied to roaming / offsite users


Peace of mind with no maintenance or management required


Data Centres

Our cloud data centre can do it all.

You’ll discover ultimate capability and unrivalled flexibility by moving to our cloud data centre, for a fraction of the normal cost. You’ll have all the resources and tools you need build and manage a secure private, public or hybrid Cloud environment… plus you can create and implement individual networks, firewalls and backups, as well as allocate resources across your data centre virtual machines at any time. 

Create & manage image catalogues 
CPU, RAM & storage administration 
Network resource level control
Add, remove & backup servers
Install any applications 
Complete console access
Multiple Australian data centres
Co-location & Ethernet options 
Backup & DR options
VMware vCloud Connector enabled
API available



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