Zero-risk I.T. solutions for your business.

Whatever business you’re in, optimal operational performance will in some way depend on the effectiveness of your I.T. systems  - it’s a fact of professional life in today’s technological times. So one of the smartest decisions you can make is engaging a managed I.T. services provider who specialises in finding the very best solutions and fine tuning them to your specific business needs... removing hassle, uncertainty and risks.


Enhanced business efficiency.

Following a comprehensive consultation process with your team, we’ll design and implement solutions custom-designed to improve efficiencies throughout your I.T. systems, so you’ll be able to look forward to all the business benefits that come with having a leading-edge managed I.T. 

Our sole goal is your success.

Our entire service model is built around ensuring we deliver truly dynamic I.T. solutions, customised carefully to deliver what your organisation requires. We manage, maintain and solve any challenges across your entire network, including servers, desktops, mobiles and cloud-based applications.

Peace of mind

The comfort of knowing your I.T. Solutions are in great hands, leaving you free to focus on core business.

Reduce downtime

Precision planning and implementation means much less downtime as your I.T. solutions roll out.


With your I.T. solutions properly managed by professionals, disruptions don't happen. It's that simple.


We don't believe in waste, so you can be sure that your I.T. investment is as fine-tuned as the solutions itself. 



Project Managment 

Precision planning & execution in your I.T. projects.

The implementation of any new software or equipment across your I.T. system could cause you big problems if it’s not co-ordinated by professionals. Downtime, system errors and lack of staff knowledge can shadow any benefits your business is hoping to see… which is why you need someone like us to look after things for you.

Truly comprehensive, truly cost-effective project management.

If you call in National I.T. Solutions to help with your project management, you’ll have one of the most experienced managed I.T. providers in the country on your team, whose 360 degree service is underpinned by two simple promises:

1.       Your project will be completed on time, and

2.       Your project will be completed within your budget.

Operating Systems, Server & Workstation 

Desktop & Notebooks

Network Design
& Implementation

Standard Operating
Environments (SEO)
Design & Development

Office Relocations

Disaster Recovery
& Business Continuity Solutions

Comprehensive Backup
& Archiving Solutions

Systems Reviews & Recommendations


& Virtualisation 

Strategic Planning

Cloud & Mobile

IT Audit & Review

Because when it comes to your I.T., knowledge is power.

Even if your I.T. systems seem to be ticking along OK, you’ll never know what cost-efficiencies or enhancements could be made until  an I.T. consultant qualified managed I.T. services  provider completes a professional audit review. Whether it’s ensuring all your equipment is compliant, fine-tuning your software settings  or introducing you to new, emerging technologies that could change the way you do business… the National I.T. Solutions audit review will make sure you’re getting the best return from your investment.


We'll check that you're properly compliant with all licensing and legislation requirements. 


We'll review the age, performance and suitability of your I.T infastructure in line with your current and future business plans.


We'll make sure your system is fully capable of properly recovering from a major disaster, quickly.


We'll test if all aspects of your business are properly protected, right across your network.


We'll compare your plans for the future against your system requirements and make sure your budget is on the right track.


We'll run an environmental health check to ensure your I.T. systems are operating with optimal efficiency and sustainability.


Infrastructure Design

Innovative infrastructure planning, for a superior I.T. system.

If you’re just starting a business, or your business is about to go through big change or growth, you’ll need a hand planning your I.T. infrastructure from a service provider who genuinely knows what they’re doing. National I.T. Solutions works closely with you from the very beginning, ensuring that from the ground up your I.T. system gives your business what it needs to reach its goals, both in terms of optimal performance and cost efficiency.

Increase productivity, simplify process, reduce costs.

These are the top three priorities in any National I.T. Solutions infrastructure project, so you can be sure that whatever operating system, application or cloud solution we recommend, your business will benefit. Big time.

Infrastructure Design

  • Servers
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Email
  • Remote Access

Strategic Planning

Ideas in I.T. are great, but you need tangible stuff too.

There are plenty of I.T. consultants and managed I.T. service providers who’ll be happy to give you brilliant ideas about what you could do with your business, but when it comes to the successful implementation and installation of the technology needed to make things work… the number of truly capable suppliers is sadly scarce.

One of Melbourne’s most successful managed I.T. service providers.

Hundreds of companies across Melbourne have come to National I.T. Solutions… and stayed with us. That’s because we give them much more than a bright spark, instead we specialise and take great pride in providing real I.T. solutions that you can see or touch  – delivering tangible outcomes which enhance technology, security and productivity throughout your business.

Achieve greater success today & long into the future.

Through our security and business consulting service packages, our highly energised I.T. experts will plan, design, build and implement strategies and systems to create a superior technology foundation for your organisation… and maximise your I.T. investment for years to come.

Custom I.T. Solutions

Tailored to your unique business needs, in line with I.T. best practice. 

Technology & business knowlege

Robust in-depth knowledge that's rare among other Melbourne I.T. providers.

Comprehensive I.T. consulting

Planning, procurement implementation & ongoing management of all of your I.T. needs. 

Data & network security

Comprehensive, guaranteed protection of all of your critical I.T. assets.


Office Relocations

Make sure your office relocation goes nice & smooth.

If your office is relocating, it’s for good reasons that will benefit business, so it should be a happy  time. However the stress and the inconvenience of the move itself can cause a big dark cloud can overshadow any excitement or anticipation – particularly when it comes to your I.T. systems. Luckily one of the many things National I.T. Solutions can do, is look after all that stuff for you.

Save time & stop stress, from the very beginning.

From the moment you know your business is going to move, give us a call. They key to any successful relocation is thorough forward planning, so we believe in being involved right at the start… taking care of all those things that would normally give you sleepless nights. From packing up your hardware at the old place, to laying cables and establishing connectivity at the new place, our philosophy is that your move should be as easy as it’s possible to be.

Office Relocations

  • New or existing buildings
  • Network Moves
  • Co-ordination of phone & internet service providers
  • Comprehensive cabling infastructure
  • Email & website tranfers
  • Harware packing & relocation

Network Security

3 out of 4 small businesses are vulnerable to attack. Don’t be one of them.

An incredible statistic in today’s tech-savvy business world, but sadly it’s true. Viruses and hackers become ever more creative in the ways they can cause havoc, and far too many businesses do not take enough action to stop them. Buying security software off the shelf is not enough… your network needs to be comprehensively  close doors across protected your network , with the help of a qualified managed I.T. services provider.

Complete protection across your network, from National I.T. Solutions.

Our Network Security Review has you covered, from every angle:

But it’s not just about security.

Keeping your network protected from attack is just one aspect of making your I.T. system “safe”. You also need to protect company standards from poor behaviour by staff and also ensure your network operation is compliant with appropriate laws and legislation.

Our Network Security Review does all this for you, too:


Robust technology solutions ensure business stability


With all statutory & regulatory corporate governance


Thanks to I.T. systems that behave predictably 


Users audits help assign accountability & responsibility 


Confidentiality, security & accuracy in data exchange


Remote Access

Realise the wonders of remote access.

Although the ability to gain remote access to your network from outside is not a new technology by any means, the quality of the software and connections available has come a long way over recent years. Now it’s so reliable and so fast, more and more organisations are rolling out remote access and revolutionising the way they operate. Wherever your I.T. users are , with our specialist help you can give them fully customised, totally secure  access to emails, files and applications.

Remote Access Options


Empower your staff with ability to access company files and information, wherever they are. 


Streamline process, save time & money by allowing access to suppliers, clients or other contacts.

Remote Access Benefits


With increased flecibility, comes enhanced productivity.


With systems managed remotely, issues are addressed more quickly.


Removes the need to synchronise files accross different devices. 

cost effective

Lowers organisational overheads such as I.T. & technical support.


With eyes on your network 24/7, issues are spotted & rectified much sooner.




Improve performance & utilisation, through virtualisation.

As the costs of I.T. hardware and software infrastructure escalate, more and more smart businesses are moving their systems into the cloud. Virtualising your hardware platforms, your operating systems, your storage devices and your network resources will give you unrivaled flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness… truly changing the way you manage and deploy resources, while waving goodbye to a number of heavy overheads.

Make the jump to the cloud, with the virtualisation specialists.

National I.T. Solutions is at home in the cloud, and we specialise in moving your business across to an incredibly efficient, fully integrated, professionally virtualised I.T. system.


Think carefully about the cloud.

In the search optimised operational and cost efficiencies, more and more businesses are moving their I.T. systems to the cloud. But it’s not necessarily the right place for any kind of I.T., so it’s important to carefully consider the pros and cons across all aspects of your technology:


Software Virtualisation

Operating systems, services, applications & workspaces

Storage Virtualisation

Storage, distribution, virtual filing systems & disk drives

Data Virtualisation

Data & databases

Network Virtualisation

Networks & Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)


Improved Application Performance

Fast provisionising and dynamic load balancing

Simplified Disaster Recovery

Painless single-system image recovery

Optimised Server Workloads

More efficient server utilisation means fewer servers

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Fewer servers means lower utility bills & less emissions



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