Let us look after your IT, because you’ve got better things to do.

When it comes to your IT systems, you’ve got better things to do than being bamboozled by techy sounding specs about software, hardware, platforms, processes, and so on. Because ultimately, what you want from your IT support company is simple: things should run as smoothly, as efficiently and as effectively as they can be.

Well, that’s what we think anyway. As your Managed IT Services Provider, our goal is to get your IT systems running so seamlessly, that you forget we’re even there.

When it comes to managed IT Services, you expect & we provide.

The configuration of your IT system should be driven by what your business needs, not limited by your service provider’s capabilities or strategic alliances with software vendors. Before we recommend any platform or software to you, National IT Solutions does something that’s sadly quite rare in the industry these days; We listen. And we’ll only propose an IT service provision once we fully understand what you expect.

You expect:

Peace of mind

Your systems are monitored and managed 24/7.

Less downtime 

Fewer problems to fix, because we stop them happening.

Fewer disruptions 

We work mostly remotely or overnight, you'll hardly notice we're there.

Low, flat costs 

One fixed, reasonable monthly rate that covers absolutely everything.

Trust & Flexibility 

We work hard every day to keep your business, so we don't see the need for long term contracts.

Guaranteed IT Solutions 

Your business challenges solved, with solutions that really work. 



We provide:

Server & Desktop management 

The very latest remote management of your desktops and servers.


Real people, ready and waiting for your call.

Onsite support

If your system needs to face-to-face, we'll see you at your place.

Emergency response 

As soon as you call us, we're onto it, even outside office hours.

Strategic guidance & business advice 

All the I.T. expertise your business needs to succeed.

Client portal 

Raise enquiry tickets, monitor your systems and much, much more.

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