Ransomware is a type of malware, or software that is designed specifically to corrupt, block, or delete data. Majority of ransomware viruses block access to company data by encryption then demand a ransom to decrypt the data.

Ransom demands usually include a certain amount of cryptocurrency, as such currency payments cannot be effectively tracked to reveal attacker identity. Ransomware can gain access to your system through infected software, applications, malicious emails or corrupted websites.


Why should your company use Ransomware Protection?

Ransomware protection is absolutely essential for all computer users with business more susceptible to targeted ransomware attacks.

Here are a few reasons you need ransomware protection:

  • Ensure you do not lose data: To prepare against a ransomware attack you need to ensure your company data is stored securely offsite.
  • Ensure you do not need to pay a ransom to get company data back: The idea of a ransomware attacks is to hold you at ransom by blocking access to data until you pay the amount requested by the cyber criminals. Once your data is encrypted, there is no scope for negotiation or guarantee of decryption.

Ways to Protect Against Ransomware

These are a few simple steps you can implement to protect against ransomware:

  • Find an IT support company who understands what it takes to protect your data.
  • Backup company data automatically to a secure cloud service. 
  • Install an antivirus solution with real-time scanning and ransomware protection on all computers. 
  • Keep your operating system and all software on your computer updated.
  • Train your staff not to click on suspicious programs or emails. 
  • Remove administrator access on all PC’s
  • Implement web filtering to monitor internet access for all employees

It’s easy to protect against ransomware attacks so do not risk your company data to a ransom.

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